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20. Australian. 4th Year Universty Student, Journalism & International Relations.

My name is Sarai :) I'm from a small country town in outback Australia, and usually live in the city for university. About to start my final year of my degree, which is scary, and so you'll hear a bit about that. I love spending time with my friends and going out to bars, and I play Aussie rules football so you'll hear a lot about that too. I love my friends, my family and where I'm from. I love reading, writing, music and sport - I'm very passionate about sport.

I'll comment on almost every entry, provided it's not completely inane, and I'm looking for friends that do the same. Someone who never comments is of no interest to me. I like to be able to get to know my LJ friends through actually having comment conversations, rather than just reading an entry every now and then.
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